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Our mental health support services are focused on personal recovery. We support people who have a lived experience of mental illness – both consumers and the people who are important to them - to build meaningful and full lives as valued members of the community. Our services are founded on the firm belief that people who have experienced mental illness can, with the right support and opportunities, achieve their life vision. Our way of working builds hope, starting with what people truly value. We partner with them to make the choices and take the risks necessary to achieve their own goals.


We work collaboratively with people who have experienced mental illness to encourage recovery and improve wellbeing. Our team is diverse, including workers with a lived experience of mental illness who bring authenticity to the way we design and deliver our programs. Our team knows how genuine partnerships can build confidence to explore opportunities for personal growth and recovery. Consumers, families and health professionals are valued, equal partners in this collaboration. We believe in the importance of real conversations, based on trust, openness and respect. We are always willing to listen and support people in taking steps to live the life they want to live.


We understand that the experience of mental illness often presents many physical health challenges. So consumers who partner with us have priority access to a range of health services, including medical, dental and allied health services. Our services include one-on-one recovery support, opportunities to join and lead group activities, to build social and life skills and community connections. We offer specialist programs for young people (aged 16-24 years) and care coordination for people with multiple and complex needs.


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